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Short History


Dear volunteers;

On behalf of the CARE-Cuts board we wanted to thank you and express our gratitude for you giving or your time and talents to help make these events a success.

We are so privileged to be able to here from so many of you about the positive experiences you have a you serve, as well as hear from those we serve as to how grateful they are. Please know the difference you make not just in their outwards appears, in the demeaner, but also hope you provided to them.

Two days after our last event one of our volunteers shared that she was in line at Workforce Services and overheard a lady in front of her state that she want to find out what she needed to do to become a beautician because over the weekend people had showed much loved to her and help her feel “human again” and she wanted to do the same to others. Despite the many hugs, smiles and tears of happiness we see there are many stories like these that we don’t always see.

Many of you have volunteered many times.  We have had so many volunteers want to help that we will be holding at least four events for 2017 in the Salt Lake valley.  Keep watching the CARE-cuts site or our subscribe to the CARE-cuts facebook page events to be informed of upcoming events.

and the hearts that were touched.  During that event, so many asked when the next event was going to take place that even though there were no plans for another event, the initial organizing group was expanded, they came up with the name of CARE-Cuts and formally became an organization.

Just a few months later, the second event was held, in which the provided more than 320 haircuts and mini-makeovers, along with clothing, food and events of the kids. A petting zoo with rescue animals was also added and later the Build- A-Buddy became a favorite of the children.  

On Dec 27, 2016 CARE-cuts officially became a federally recognized 501(c)3 organization (EIN 81-2735057), making the contributions of so many caring volunteers and donors more effective.

In almost two years we’ve provided over 2,200 haircuts and mini makeovers, provided over 600 stuffed animals and 1,000’s of hugs, tears and smiles.

We're so very grateful to the hundreds of volunteers who donate their time, talents, and monetary donations so we can offer such events.

We can’t do it without you!



In April of 2015, on the anniversary of his ninth year of being divorced, Marco Diaz was having a bit of a hard day, so instead he decided that he was going to do more to serve those in the homeless community and do something that had not been done before. He decide to do something to help them feel better about themselves and let them know that they are loved. As a result, he brought together a group of friends to carry out the idea of providing 100 haircuts and mini-make overs in a one-time event.

The first event took place on July 19th, 2015 at the Road Home Homeless Shelter and instead of 100 haircuts they were able to provide 267 haircuts and mini-make overs. However, the greater surprise was not in the number of people served, but how those who were served, as well as those who served, felt